PRO Services

Employment & Family Visa Services

At RKDMC we look to create a hassle free process for your visa requirement. We specialize in Corporate (Employment Visa) as well as Individual person (Family Visa). Our in house team has many years of experience in dealing with all visa requirements along with direct access to government department and Ministry of Labour to provide the most up to date information on legislation. Our aim is to provide each client with a cost effective solutions as well as timely completion of the task in hand. Our team can provide clients with daily updates on the progress of their application.

Additional PRO Services

We are also able to provide help with, Immigration Card Renewal, UAE ID Card Registration, Labour Card Renewals, Visa Stamping, Visa Cancellation, Obtaining Driving License in the UAE, Driving License Renewals and attestations . We provide all UAE Government Transaction Services from Healthcare to Chamber of Commerce. Call our team today for an initial consultation.

Dedicated PRO services include:

(for a monthly fee, we can deal with all your PRO requirements)

  • Processing, renewal and cancellation of visas
  • Registration of companies with Ministry of Labour and Department of Immigration
  • Amendment or renewal of company labour and immigration cards
  • Renewal and amendment (address change) of trade licences
  • VIP services for medicals
  • Visa deposits at airport and Marhaba Diamond Service
  • Stamping certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Extension of visit visas
  • Application for refunds of bank guarantees by Ministry of Labour and deposits made at Department of Immigration
  • Emirates ID card form completion

Department of Economic Development

  • Reserving trade name
  • Obtaining initial approval
  • Applying for commercial licence
  • Amending commercial licence
  • Renewing commercial licence
  • Cancelling commercial licence

Ministry of Economy

  • Obtaining initial approval
  • Foreign company (branch office) registration


  • Application for industrial license
  • Amending industrial licence
  • Cancelling industrial licence

Ministry of Labour

  • Company registration
  • Work permit application
  • Work permit cancellation
  • Applying for quota

Department of Naturalisation and Residency

  • Company registration
  • Residence visa application
  • Residence visa cancellation
  • Visa applications for maids and other domestic staff
  • Applying for visas (visit visas, short term mission visas)
  • Application for visa renewal

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Application for Membership
  • Amending membership details
  • Cancelling of membership

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Authentication of foreign documents

Ministry of Justice

  • Authentication of official Arabic translation of foreign documents

Official Translator

  • Arranging for documents to be translated into Arabic

Notary Public

  • Pre-approval of documents

Typing Bureau

  • Arranging for Arabic employers letters


  • Follow up and finalizing visitor visas
  • Attestation of certificates
  • Follow up on other official procedures