RKD Management Consultancy provide a range of business services to assist in improving the operation of your business.

Investment Advice

We are dedicated to providing exceptional client service and offer a range of investment vehicles through our global network of specialist partners. Our intermediary advice will help you find the right financial provider to help you deliver on your project.

Change Management

Our consultants have the business expertise to work with every level of your orginazation, from your senior team to your end user to advise on how to identify and mitigate system risks, build robust processes and procedures to lead change and accountability and guide your project team leaders on how best to integrate the changes in to your organization.


Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources? Can every employee articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? At RKDMC, we see strategy as much more than just a plan. We work with companies in every industry to develop strategies that deliver results and secure a long term plan for the future.

Organizational & Operational Advice

Despite the experience of many organizations, sometimes it's possible to turn strategies and plans into individual actions, necessary to produce a great business performance. Many companies repeatedly fail to truly motivate their people to work and deliver on their goals and targets. Most companies and organizations know their businesses, and the strategies required for success. However many businesses struggle to translate the theory into action plans that will enable the strategy to be successfully implemented and sustained. By working closely with your management team we are able to advise on the operational and organizational challenges your business maybe facing in order to succeed.

Mergers & Acquisition Advice

Do you have high growth expectations and are interested in expansion through acquisition? Or perhaps you are part of a management team investigating a buy-out.

Whether you have a business in your sights or are looking for guidance, we are able to provide you with advice in executing the best deals.

Non Executive Board Member

Advisory Position, minimum six months, one day per month

With many years of experience at board level, we are able to provide your business with a non executive advisory board member. A non-executive board member typically does not engage in the day-to-day management of the organization, but is involved in policy making, strategy and planning exercises with the executive team. In addition, non-executive directors' responsibilities include the monitoring of the executive directors and acting in the interest of the company stakeholders.

If you are committed to improving the performance of your business and create value for your organization then one of our services can help you to take a step closer to achieving your goals.